Our Approach.

experial thoroughly tests your ideas by using a “fake-door” approach to collect authentic behavioral data
throughout the entire user journey.

Experimental Approach

The typical elements of a fake-door test (aka. "smoke test") include social ads, landing pages, a reveal page, a lead flow, and a survey.

Social Ads

To provide the needed traffic for the test, social ad campaigns (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, TikTok) can be connected with few clicks.

Landing Page

On the landing page(s), behavioral data (esp. CTA clicks) from each participant are collected in a data privacy compliant way (GDPR-compliant cookie banner).

Reveal Page

On the reveal page, participants are informed that the product is currently not available and given the possibility to leave their email address to stay updated.

Lead Flow

The lead flow provides participants the option to provide their name and email address, which they are asked to confirm (double opt-in).


The survey provides the opportunity to gather further data to qualify the collected leads by adding demographic or product-related information (e.g. experience).

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Target Group Test

With this test, you will determine how demand varies among different target groups.

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Business Model Test

This test will uncover if your target group is willing to opt-in for a subscription (instead of a single purchase).

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Pricing Test

This test will help you to find out the price points at which customer demand collapses.

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Messaging Test

With this test, you are able to find out which messages (e.g., value proposition) best resonate with your target group.

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Feature Test

The results of this test will show you how your target groups prioritizes the features of your product / service.

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Brand / Design Test

This test will uncover which brands or which designs best resonate with your target group.

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